Abigor – Excessus Lyrics Latin

Pyrophorous titan, fiery ghost
Caller out of the netherworld onto earth’s armies of Lazari
Winged spirit baptist, unveil the layers of haze
Speak the word only
And awaken your zealous advocaltes of the inferno
Those sunken into dreams
Where seconds become a thousand years
We are torn between orgies and wars
As long as poles do not unite
As long as angels fall and devil’s bleed man will weep
Tempt me not! Sordid soul deceivers
Tempt me not! Or watch your World be consumed by fire
I receive this flaming vesture from his hands
A Purple rode, green his signs, gold the sigils
And fufill my ceremonial duty
He is powerful to heighten my grace
He lives and rules as king from eternity to eternity
Et iterum venturus est cum gloria lucida
Visibilium omnium et invisibilium contribuuntur
Adoramus cum
Cuius regni non erit finis
Propter magnum gloriam suam
Diabolium de diabolo, Lucifer
Where did all struggle lead the slaves
Whom helped all knowledge, who escaped
The grip of God, the scythe of Death
Doubt is the gyve of the weak, belief the sword of the free
So we worship thee!
Winged revolutionary
Fiery emissary
Wrathful luminary
All earthborn plod perpetually to rise and praise aloud
We’re martyrs blessed with infancy, neglect is our shroud
Continuallly lasts this act to build your Majesty
All earth does worship thee!
Te Deum laudamus
Diabolum adoramus

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