Song Details: Shock Da World Lyrics by Rod Wave. The song is from the album “SoulFly“.

Shock Da World Lyrics

I tried to motivate the people but I made ’em angry
I tried to show ’em it was all love, that made ’em hate me
They criticize me and talk bad ’bout me on the daily
I get the money and stay out the way, they think I’m crazy
Maybe if I weren’t built for this, I’d let it phase me
Can’t bend or fold, my folks depending on for me to make it
I’m ATR for life, the leader of the fucking navy
This HitHouse еntertainment, baby, we all drivе Mercedes
It’s crazy, we came a long way to get to this
I opened up about my pain, let the world in
I know exactly how it feels to come out the bottom
How the hell you hate on somebody with so much in common?
Stick to myself and get these commas
Take care grandma, take care mama
Get the bread and feed my partners
Never hear my name in drama
I’m focused on them commas
Fuck a bitch, I love my kids, they grandmama and they mama
Don’t care about no followers
I made my first million way before I made it big
I made my second million way before I made my kids
My third and fourth million I made in the same night-
My fifth million, made it [?]
On the phone with the lawyer talking ’bout my next
Look, if I could make, then I could make a hundred
Then I could make it big ’cause we turned nothing into something, yeah

Releasing on 26th March 2021.


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